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Community Links
This Riverside Community has a great deal to offer a visitor. We have unique businesses, wonderful restaurants and many historical sites to name just a bit of the offerings. Of course we can not forget the beautiful waterfront just perfect for strolling, picture taking and even fishing from the pier. You can visit the town by car or boat. Below are links to some of the places of interest.
Note: All addresses are in Bristol, PA

Jules @ Market                          111 Market Street                    Web   

Mill Street Cantina                     110 Mill Street                       Web 

King George II Inn                     102 Radcliffe Street                Web   

Cesare's Restaurant                  1407 Radcliffe Street               Web  

Naked Brewing                            212 Mill Street                      Web

Dad's Hat                                      925 Canal Street                  Web

The Borough Pub                        1800 Farragut Avenue          Web

Bricky Girl Tea Room                   236 Mill Street                     Web

The Pines Tavern                          6217 N. Radcliffe Street       Web

Golden Eagle Dinner                    300 Bath Road                     Web

Cafe Bombay                                 233 Mill Street                    Web

Apollo Pizza Bar & Restaurant    1834 Farragut Avenue

Phinny Magee's Pub                     1400 Farragut Avenue

Akia Fusion                                    407 Mill Street                    Web

Papa's Pretzel                                302 Mill Street                    Web

Angelina's Bake Shop                   312 Mill Street                     Web

Calm Waters                                    242 Mill Street                  Web

Healthy Plate Preps                        247 Mill Street                   Web

Mazzanti's Market                           320 Lincoln Avenue          Web

Gabriela Tomato Pie                       900 Jefferson Avenue     

El Limon Mexican Taqueria           119 Radcliffe Street             Web

Hops and Hardware Distillery       101 Cedar Street & Basin     Web

Grundy Museum
610 Radcliffe Street
Bristol, PA 19007
Phone 215.788.9433
A late Victorian Home located on the banks of the Delaware River showcases the legacy of the Grundy Family and the times in which they lived. Check their website for hours of operation and tours. This is a unique experience in looking back in time.
Bristol Walking Tour
You can download this audio tour to your own devise. The tour includes 45 locations along Historic Radcliffe Street.There is an audio as well as a written description of each site for your enjoyment. You canstart at any point along the tour and visit as many or as few sites as you desire.
This is truly a wonderful thing to do.
Waterfront/Lion's Park
Bristol is home to a lovely waterfront park located at the foot of Mill Street. One can stroll along the paths, relax on a bench and watch the life along the river. The park is also the site where many of Bristol's events take place.  Close by you can also visit the Bristol Marsh.
Community Organizations
Listed below are local organizations whose purpose is to promote and enhance the welfare of Bristol Borough.Some links are web pages and others are Face Book pages, Each can help give you a unique insight into our town.

Bristol Lion's Club                                 Link

Puerto Rican Association                      Link

African American Cultural 
and Historical Foundation                     Link

Raising The Bar                                      Link

Visit Bristol Borough                             Link

Lenape Nation of PA                               Link
The Bristol Marsh
The Bristol Marsh is the best remaining example of a freshwater tidal marsh in Pennsylvania. It can be viewed from areas along the edge of the parking area located behind Historic Mill Street. Marsh is managed by Pennsylvania Nature Conservancy.